Team NAD was founded in 1990 by dedicated bar hoppers who were bicycling across the state of Iowa on the world famous RAGBRAI ride. Based out of Ames Iowa, Team NAD has members in several states who share a love riding bikes for long distances amid cornfields in search of cold beverages. Team NAD's favorite bike rides include RAGBRAI, the February BRR Ride, and the September Fat Tire Ride around Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

In the early years Team NAD was well known for traveling the entire RAGBRAI route by bus in advance to scope out the best bars in each town and for printing t-shirts featuring the route map with chosen bar names instead of town names. The Bar Map tradition eventually fell by the wayside when the other demands of life took precedence.

More recently Team NAD has been known for towing along a specially designed Drink Machine that instantly serves up a variety of cocktails at the push of a button. Team NAD friend and inventor, Jay Lueck, built the special Team NAD edition of the Lazy Drinker that sits on a bike trailer, usually pulled by Team Captain Shawn.

Team NAD's sister team, the Bierbitzches, is literally that; a team of sisters, related to the NADs by blood, sweat, and ice cold biers. They may rise earlier and get to the first bar before the rest of us, but we can still count on them to lead us into town after dark if the situation calls for it.

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